First customer!

I still do not open till Thursday which is the day Virgin put broadband into the shop. However I went to the shop today to start getting organised and whilst there a customer brought me two laptops and I got a serious enquiry through my Facebook page, cool!

The two laptops which came in have very different problems though both are Toshiba’s. The first has a cracked screen but the second one ahas a virus. The virus pretends to be from the police e-crime unit. It stops you going on the Internet, prevents installation of new software including antivirus products and also prevents the task manager from running.

A quote has been put together for a new screen and the virus has been removed. Just doing a spring clean to improve the performance of the laptop though it is Vista so not hoping for a massive speed increase!

Lease, Keys, Time to start!

I have the keys for the shop now! I have ordered broadband and have started preparing for a fresh coat of paint. Broadband should be installed on Wednesday 14th November.

The former tenant has kindly left an old counter that I think I can use, it has a glass front and with some lights I think it will look good. I still need some metal work to protect the glass in the front door. Hopefully ebay will provide an already build security frame.

It felt good taking down the ‘To Let’ board today. Newark Property Management have been very helpful and quick sorting out the property for me.


Broadband will be installed on 15th November 2012.