Case Studies – Computer Systems

I have been writing computer systems for local businesses since 1996. Computer systems are not expensive and can save a business time and money. Below is a list of customers who I still work with that benefit from a database driven computer system.


Newark Repair & Sales Centre

Newark based with local customers

“Repairing mechanical machinery from lawn mowers to chainsaws and everything in between”

The workshop was full of items to be repaired. The owner did not know what to start on next. I wrote him a simple job control system that logged the work as it came in and gave the customer details of the job as well as terms and conditions of the work performed.



Newark based parcel tracking company

“HonestEye provides powerful an innovative tracking solutions”

When the owners of HonestEye needed proof of concept software the came to me. They needed a prototype built quickly that would enable prospective customers to see their parcel tracking solution in action.


BusiFix Computers

Newark based computer repair service

“Repairing laptops & desktop computers quickly”

Yes, I have written systems that help my own business and without them I would have a lot more paperwork. I have two systems that I use daily.

  1. Job Control – This logs customer details, the make and model of the laptop or desktop PC and what is wrong with it. The system prints out Asset labels for the equipment and a job card. When the computer is fixed it can send a text message to the customer.
  2. Stock Control – I buy and sell used laptops and desktop PC’s. This system allows me to keep track of the computers I have bought and who I sold them to. It also creates a stock list that I can give to a customer and uploads it to my website.

Feel free to pop in for a demo.



Newark based manufacturer with customers world-wide

“Pneu-Therm Limited specialise in adding value by offering a wide range of additional subcontract machining, fabrication and electrical assembly work to complement their range of bespoke and standard  heating elements and pneumatic connectors.”

In 2006 Pneu-Therm required a database to store details of the bespoke heating elements they made. They can now add drawings and order details for each heating element so they can find all the details quickly when they need to.

Since 2007 they have added a Customer Relationship Management system, job tracking and a Ohm’s Law calculator. The calculator was then made in to a separate product so their customers could download it and use it themselves.

Pneu-Therm continually request changes and additional functionality.


Proud 2B Safe

Newark based health and safety company with customers nationwide

“Proud2bSafe was the brainchild of Jason Anker MBE, who was always concerned about how the impact of his own story of a life changing accident at work would have over time on others.
He took 3 years to develop a programme that would revolutionise the way you think about safety, not just in the workplace but in everything you do.”

Proud2bSafe need to keep track of the customers that join their programmes. They needed to be sure that all the elements of each programme were carried out so I created them a Contact Management System where they could attached files, images and documents to each customer. I also built in a tick sheet which the user enters the date when each step is completed.

Proud2bSafe also arrange events all over the country so we created a system to track attendees and costs that linked to their Contact Management system that produced reports and attendance lists for every event.

The work for Proud2bSafe is on going, the company is growing at an incredible rate.


Jalapeno Business Services

Newark based IT Support company covering the East Midlands

“Jalapeno are a professional services company delivering high quality operational management and business services to the small and medium sized business sector. We understand that while the importance of well-maintained IT is paramount, the cost associated with an in-house staff member can be prohibitive.”

Jalapeno monitors their clients computer servers. Each night reports are created on the server giving status information including storage space available and mailboxes that are filling up. Jalapeno needed these reports to be emailed each day to third party to analyse. This enabled Jalapeno to contract out the analysis because the third party never logs on to the server therefore preventing a possible security issue.


Your Ace Personnel Ltd

Mansfield based recruitment company for temporary and full-time positions.

“Your Ace Personnel Ltd are dedicated to providing candidate and clients alike with an impressive attentive and honest recruitment process. Transparent on fees and reliable and supportive on service”

Tracking and placing clients with customers is a complicated business. Even more so if your staff work in remote locations all over the UK. We created a contact management system that could be accessed from anywhere. Unique to this project was the tracking of staff commissions based on the time a candidate was placed with a client. A diary was also introduced to check that follow ups were being made and that the candidates with temporary positions were being paid correctly and on time.

Work is on going.


Greenzone Facilities Management Ltd

Newark based facilities management company with nationwide customers.

“Greenzone offer bespoke solutions for every area of your waste management.”

This project started in 2007 with a simple application that could tell Greenzone the nearest supplier to empty a waste bin given a postcode and a bin size. Greenzone then won a very large contract where the client required a help desk for their shops to log problems with. Automated invoicing and credit control was then required, this information had to be passed to Sage. Suppliers invoices had to be scanned into the system and reconciled against the customers collections. Direct Debits were then introduced for smaller customers and these requests were controlled by the computer system.

This project finished in 2012 but the software is still in use and now maintained by Greenzone’s own IT department.


Newson Gale

Nottingham base manufacturer with nationwide customers.

“Supplying static earthing and bonding solutions to the hazardous area EX industries for over 30 years.”

The engineers commission and service equipment at the customers premises. This involved the engineer having to fill in many forms by hand, returning to head office and then writing up the reports.

We created two applications for them, one that runs on a PC at head office and a second that runs on a tablet computer running Windows 10. The jobs for the engineers are created at head office and then sent to the tablet via wifi. The engineer fills in the forms (over 100) for each customer and then when complete, sends them back to head office. The reports are then automatically generated and either printed or sent to the customer in pdf format.

This system means that the engineer does not have to return to head office to collect jobs or return to head office to create the reports. Customers are serviced faster and Newson Gale can look back easily at everything ever done for a customer as well as schedule future visits.


Cathedral Training

Lincoln based construction training company.

“Providing training to the construction industry”

Cathedral Training needed a system to store course attendees and certificates. They are a small team and not always working from the office. The system BusiSystems created allowed them to quickly fill new courses, find certificates quickly and send text messages advertising courses to the correct audience.


CatherTherm Ltd

Newark based manufacturing company producing heating elements to the worldwide catering industry.

“Catertherm source and distribute new and innovative equipment to the catering and hospitality industry.”

Cathertherm subscribe to a planning application company which publish details of council planning applications in a spreadsheet. Each row in the spreadsheet contains the project, the company appointed, the contact with in that company and the role that company is performing. These spreadsheets are then imported into the system created by BusiSystems so that Catertherm can process the applications. The system enables Catertherm to see what projects each company or contact is involved in. The system allows Catertherm to target their marketing and contact companies early within a project.


Equitable Lifecare

Newark based funeral plan company with nationwide customers.

“Equitable Lifecare Limited are a provider of pre-paid funeral plans, serving the United Kingdom & European Markets.”

Equitable Lifecare buy leads which are delivered in a spreadsheet. The spreadsheets were then split up and distributed to staff to telephone and create appointments. BusiSystems created a computer system that imported the spreadsheet of leads and then allowed management to allocate prospects to staff members. This system lead to 50% more appointments and callbacks been made per day and the ability to recycle the leads as detailed notes were stored with each prospect.

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