Thanks for great service again barry replacing hard drive on my asus laptop cheers andy

‎Andrew McGahey

Thankyou very much Barry at BusiFix Computers for sorting 1 netbook,1 laptop and 1 desktop within 48 hours at an affordable price and no crazy technical talk. Cheers :o)

Beverley Gibbs

A huge massive thank you to Barry Starling for sorting my girls laptop.. you are a total star.. And I would recommend you to anyone..x

Jo Ryan

Well hello many thanks barry its down to you im able to get back on here and get my fix lol thanks soooo much for all ur help xx

Sharon Walker

Fixed my tv in 2days at a crackin price and c/w warranty very friendly and a great help

Daniel Hall

Fantastic and friendly service not ripped off, works like a dream now highly recommend many thanks

Corinne Smith

Hi Busifix

I’ve been meaning to send this email but kept forgetting. Busifix is a great little shop, so helpful, friendly and honest. I was able to find an excellent second hand monitor when my own lost part of its colour. It was tested in front of me and has worked like magic ever since. I was impressed by the knowledge and the ability to fix even old machines. I have 3 desk tops, each around 12 years old so it’s comforting to know Busifix is there!! I would highly recommend them.

Katherine Brierley

I took my laptop in this afternoon with a faulty screen, not even 30 minutes after dropping it off I got a text saying it was ready to be picked up! So happy right now I’m beyond words. Very quick, professional, cheap AND friendly service. I will definitely be coming to you again in the future. Thank you. 🙂

Sophie Portrey

My computer was overheating and generally on go slow. Didn’t matter what I did or how much space I cleared up it still kept dying on me.
My computer is my livelihood, I took it to Busifix on a Saturday, in the hope of finding a solution, but hoping  against hope, that it would not take long as every minute I am offline I lose money.
Barry Starling, even though in the midst of a huge amount of repairs, kindly dropped everything to help sort out my computer. He started by giving it a proper clean, something it had never ever had, removing a huge amount of dust and dirt from the fans. After putting it back together he did a thorough service and my machine has never handled better, it is faster, more reliable, doesn’t overheat and is like a new pin.

What really go t me was the price, I figured that for all the work he had done, and because he had dropped everything just to help me out I would be paying through the nose, but he only charged me £30. I was over the moon to say the least.

James MacArthur

Thanks Barry. The new (2nd hand) laptop is Fantastic works like a new one, can thoroughly RECOMMEND !! BusiFix are well worth a visit !

Charlie Broughton

Well all I can say is even at £30 the service that you will get of Barry Starling is second to none! Had mine done at BusiFix Computers and I feel guilty at only having paid £20. :-/

The difference made to my PC is amazing and loads of free advice given as well.

Thanks Barry

Ian Weir

PC working fantastic, best it has ever been!

Gary Esam

Fantastic and prompt service not forgetting excellent price

Adrian Loftus

Once again BusiFix Computers worked there magic and at a great price to repair my laptop instantly while waited !
Big thank you !:)

Charlie Broughton

I just wanted to say many thanks for recovering the data off of my laptop last week. I had quite a lot of University work on there that would have taken an absolute age to start doing again but thankfully there is no need.

Martin Barlow

Massive thanks Barry for making my notebook now useful. So much better to use now. Thanks mate

Matt Ridyard

Hiya Barry, hope you’re ok. Just wanted to let you know that the PC’s loaded up with dropbox, thunderbird & office 365 & is behaving perfectly thus far. Thanks for your support in getting something in place so quickly. I really appreciate it.

Glenn Mannners

Just like to say a massive thanks to Barry Starling at BusiFix Computers for repairing my lap top while I waited and a cuppa … possibly the best computer bloke in newark . Cheers Barry

Gary Dobson

Computer loads better now thank you Barry

Justin Lill

I would like to nominate Barry Starling of Busifix computers for an award for his excellent customer service. He Has twice saved my laptop and saved me the cost of a new computer. He was very quick and efficient and very pleasant to deal with. I have recommended his services to friends and he has also helped them too.

Michael Earl

Thank you for the fantastic service and high quality of work

Scott Holland

★★★★★ Took my desktop pc into BusiFix Monday morning with numerous silly problems and a “mystery ” problem which caused it to be rebooted all the time which was so very annoying. A few hours later all was sorted and even the “mystery” problem was solved very quickly!!!!! Wish I had taken it in before!!! Highly recommended for a brilliant job!!! Thank you BusiFix, I will deffo use again !!!

Rose Marshall

Wow! My old laptop feels like a new one and for significantly less than a new laptop! It’s running better than ever. Thanks Barry, fantastic job. Any problems with your laptop or PC, I’d definitely recommend Barry at Busifix Computers.

Jackie Key

I want to say thanks to Barry Starling as well coz Dewey Chappell is happy again now you’ve fixed his laptop can’t believe he brought it to you at dinner and he was back on it at tea time. Thanks again x

Rachel Farrell

I have had a major computer breakdown this week and Barry Starling of Busifix has been AWESOME! I can’t recommend him highly enough!

Ann Hayes - Ann et Vin

Thank you Barry, writing this off my fixed net book, you are a star 🙂

Sammy Jackson

Well that’s three times in a month Busifix has come to my rescue, once where I work and twice for my daughter’s laptop. Excellent job every time, Newark is lucky to have him. Thanks Barry.

Margaret Parton

Thanks Barry – problem solved in double quick time as always! Highly recommended – I will be back but hopefully not too soon!!

June Rowlands

To all my friends I’m sharing this too, had my laptop services and same brilliant quick efficient and friendly service and not expensive. Support local busines and support Barry

5th Feb 2015 update: 6 months after a clean up the lappy is still performing beautifully………..thanks to Barry

Jan Machin

thanks loads for sorting my laptop out barry

Micky Francis

Thanks for an awesome job – laptop so much faster!! – No longer have the urge to throw it through the window – one happy bunny – Thank you H xx

Heather Jones

Hi Barry

Thank you once again!

Tim 🙂

(Happy customer)

Tim Hodges

Thanks for fixing my computer Barry excellent service !

Christine Austwick

My Toshiba & I are so glad that we found you, unplanned but ‘right place, right time’!

I just want to say another big thank you to you for fixing my pc so quickly & for a very fair price..I am very happy to have found someone who takes pride in his work & get’s satisfaction from doing a good job for his customers & not ripping them off – Thank you very much Barry!

Lynne Brown

well wat can i say uve done a great job with my laptop cant thank you enough …thanx for getting it back to me same day ..probably longer than supposed to take but great job i will recommend you to my friends and family

Clair Sohail

Very happy that Barry Starling did an excellent job on serving my laptop and it is now whizzing along at top speed.

Tina Bettison

Barry has mended and serviced my laptop on several occasions. His prices are very reasonable and I highly recommend him. Please do check him out.

Ed Foulger-Lowe

My mum iss over the mood with her pc after you (Barry) serviced it

Jonny Cobb

Thanks matey! Yayyyyy its fixed!!

Lauren Taylor

May I just say thank you for the recent repair of my laptop. A very efficient bit of work on your part and I am now able to get things done once again. I can assure you that when I need further service, I will be straight round the Barnby Gate.  Many thanks.

Chris Graham

BusiFix, assisted me with computer problems immediately, they solved the problem within a few hours, were polite, helpful and good value for money.  I would use them again and again.  They should win the award for expert knowledge and also for not looking down on non computery type people!!!  I was impressed!!!

Danusia Sawoscianik-Murray

Thanks for upgrading my laptop with more RAM and an SSD hard drive. There is a very noticeable difference in speed especially at boot up. Great service and at a very reasonable price. Thanks!

Wil Chung

Took my laptop to be looked at as i was getting ready to throw it out!!! got it back today ( only had it two days) it’s like new!! Runs fast like a new one. cleaned too. Fantastic service thank you Busifix definately recommend your services. Anybody having the same problem try Busifix you won’t be disappointed.

Jonathan Gant

F@@@ing $h1t this is the best this laptop has ever been. Thanks Barry. I’m in a Polish hotel and it’s working great

Paul Hade

Another satisfied customer, thanks Barry Starling my laptop is like a new one 🙂

Anne Heath

Laptop now fast as f***
Thanks Bazzer

Colin Burgess

having gone through a total failure of my NAS Drive with all my years of company work on it yesterday……must say a huge thank you to Barry Starling from BusiFix Computers for installing and setting up my new one……and… even bigger thank you for originally setting up my whole back-up system in the first place….. which meant that I didnt lose any work at all…..just some time……priceless

Lee Sowerby

got my new laptop thanks to Barry Starling and BusiFix Computers – your the bestest

Gary Dobson

massive thanks for sorting my laptop today mate im well pleased see you again pal

Micky Francis

Thanks to Busifix and Barry Starling my computer is now running like a brand new machine, mostly cos it is a brand new machine lol. But it is whisper quiet and supremely fast.

James MacArthur

Just popped in for a new cable for my printer and they could not of been more helpful. I wish all businesses were run like this. Highly recommended.

Ian Gowar

I just want to say a big big thankyou to Barry for making me a very happy woman lol, I thought I had lost everything on my puter but you mended it, saved it all and at a brilliant price, thankyou so very much Joy x

Joy Walker

Took my old lap top to busifix computers on barnby gate and it was repaired on the same day and it runs like it was brand new and very reasonable price thank you Barry Starling

Jason Gillman

Yaye!! A BIG Thank you to BusiFix Computers for sorting my laptop out today!! Big massive sigh of relief!! 🙂

Jane Wilkes

imagine the horror on my face when i logged onto my computer and plugged in my external hard drive only to fine one of my folders missing, i phoned busifix and asked his advice, the chap said bring it in and i will see if i could help. Now imagine the delight a hour and a halh later when he rang me to tell me he had found my missing folder and saved it back to my hard drive, a whole years work, sorted when i thought it was lost forever. Thanks Busifix you have saved my life.

Simon Miller

Thank you Barry Starling of BusiFix. I’m up and running again. A huge thanks for doing a brill job :}

Paula Stevens

Many thanks laptop working great

Ian Harrison

.thankyou so much.i will forever be grateful i had deleted months of my minded childrens photos ready to go in there folders.great service.xx

Mandy Storr

Thankyou for fixing laptop

Sam Scott

Hi Barry

Obviously I’m up & running as this e-mail proves

Just wanted to say a big thank you for your help with my problems (in & out of hours), I will have no hesitation in recommending you & hope your business goes from strength to strength

Best Regards


Philip Clurow

Fixed 3 of my laptops in a few days. Brilliant highly recommend Barry.

Jacqui Statham

Hi Barry Colin has brought our PC back tonight I just wanted to say thank you its fantastic like a new PC…Laptop great also…Thanks again

Clare South

thanks barry laptop working fine now

Yvonne Burton

Great service today – would highly recommend…thank you

Sue Miller

Thanks Barry for fixing my computer screen in less than 24hrs. You are a star!

Carole Needham

Awesome place! Dropped laptop off at 10.30am and its ready later today!
Awesome service

Gary Wood

Brilliant job on sorting out my 2 Laptops !! Once again I thank you for a fab job. BusiFix Computers highly recommended once again !!

Rose Marshall

Barry is very reasonable. Plus I bought a reconditioned laptop for my son  x

Geraldine Ball

Hubby took in my laptop and problem was solved within 10 mins! Laptop good as new! Thanks!

Lizzie Reed

My computer is going far too slow
What shall I do, I don’t know!
I’ve seen a large white banner
For a computer firm in my manor
Is he any good, I’ll give him a try
Nice and friendly, he seems a nice guy
The job was done same day, super quick!
My computer works, he’s done the trick.
His name is Barry, he’s the man for me
Quick friendly service and a low, low fee.
Next time I need to, I’ll use him again
And to all my friends I’ll tell them his name.
Written in gratitude from a real customer.

Lawrence Tatton

Many thanks for sorting both laptops out so quickly. Excellent service at a fraction of the price of new laptops. We’ll make sure we recommend you to everyone we know!

Paula Hurst

Thank you for the Netbook – its fab

Portia Green

great service reccomend them to anyone

Andrew McGahey

We have been struggling to install our new embroidery software. Something to do with Microsoft SQL.
But we have a Barry Starling.
A Microsoft cock up meaning that SQL Express 2005 would not install over MXML6 without a ‘fix’.
Thanks Barry.

Steve Beeching - Newark Embroidery

It’s so refreshing to find someone you can trust to do a top job, a guy you can rely upon, with fantastic results and affordable prices.

Phil Jermyn

Thanks for sorting my laptop out earlier Barry 🙂 you’re HIGHLY recommended. Thanks

Tom Jepson

Great service and great prices…thank you very much

Colin Kerriage

I’m delighted to say, that my laptop is now working again, so everything is back to normal. Thanks Barry

Ed Lowe

Superfast repairs to both laptop & desktop!! Great service, & a great guy. If Carling did computer services ………..!

Mike Birch

Excellent Service

Nick Bell

My computer is now Fantastic!    Have you supercharged it with dependable rocket fuel?

Keith Woolley

Dear Barry,


Hope you are well.


Ian and I would just like to thank you for your much-valued assistance with Ian’s computer and the time you have taken to help us, at little cost to yourself.


It is great to have found someone to help us when we hit a brick wall with our I.T.!


Kind Regards

Tracie and Ian 

Tracie and Ian Hesford

Just had 2 laptops ‘defuzzed’ my laptop has been on all day and didn’t even get warm which it usually burns your legs after a minute of of being on, awesome result, thank you

Andrea Boden

thanks Barry, working great, and the gas site now works! See you soon with the other laptop.

Suzy Rodgers Walker

Barry is a life saver! looking for 30 memory sticks on a Friday afternoon without any success and within 5 minutes he’d given us TWO options and we’d ordered them for delivery pre-noon on Monday.
Thanks so much – its not what you know its who you know and Barry’s the one to know! From all at Onswitch xx

Deborah Wylie

My laptop is brilliant since you repaired it Barry. Thank you

Mike Francis

massive thanks for saving my late mums letter i wrote her means alot pal and the pics

Michael Francis

Excellent service and highly recommended Thanks for the fast turn round Barry.

Nigel Willows

Yet again Barry Starling has done outstanding work and my Jamie is an extremely happy little boy… Thank you Barry! Brilliant.

Jane Wilkes

Thanks Barry for giving me an almost new laptop, Its magic , defo recommend and i trust u millions with my stuff !!!

Tanya Fox

I can’t believe after over 3 years I finally have my wedding photos. I’m so pleased thanks to BusiFix Computers. I’m over the moon
I thought I had lost them for forever!

Kelly Cockayne

Busifix are magicians, not only is my laptop now working but everything I assumed I’d lost is still there. And its sooooo much quicker too – and very very reasonable cost which is mega bonus at this time.

Chantelle Thornley

Fantastic place, highly recommended! My laptop has been misbehaving for well over a year, so I’ve barely used it. After a visit to Busifix, a new keyboard, a service and an upgrade to Windows 7, I love it again! So chuffed, great service, excellent prices. I’ll be back, I’m sure

Jo Fleming

I have known Barry for several years and always relied on him for value for money advice and service. My ethos has always been to buy and utilise a superior service when it is available – utilising the saying you get what you pay for. Recently a family/business lap top just stopped working – to replace would be very expensive like for like, One phone call to Barry and a drive up the A1 and within 24 hours all back up and running as new. Busifix charged me not even 15% of the price of a new lap top – a first class service for not a lot of money – I have no hesitations in recommending and endorsing this company – first class service  and customer service at its best – what more do you need from your suppliers

Jamie Rafferty - The Job Office Ltd

Can’t believe the difference Barry, my computer is running like new, thanks

Hedley Harrison - Capital Softwood

BusiFix is by far the best repair shop around. Words do not describe how awesome theses people are!

Gail Ackerman

Thanks Barry Starling, got my old dead laptop running like it was built yesterday. Cheers pal

Simon Miller

Loving me new laptop thanks to BusiFix Computers.

Steve Preston

I recommend Busifix especially if you are having trouble with pc start-up or unstable running problems. My issues were not fully fixed, but their guidance and recommendations helped me restore my pc to its full potential again. (I am not a stranger to computer problems, but this one was out of my league). very reasonable price for the work and if you need your issues fixed quickly, these are the guys to help. Best service in Newark! (don’t bother with PC World/Currys)

Harry Lack

Hi Barry and staff.
Thanks for the brilliant service and support you gave me when my hard drive died. All sorted in 24 hours. I have also learnt a valuable lesson and shall be backing up my important stuff regularly.
Thanks Again

Sue Nickless

Have to say brought my 9/10 year old lap top in as it was working very slow and for £30 picked it up the next day Jesus what a difference great trustworthy service seriously recommend this cheers Barry

Tony Joynes

Well with thanks to the genius Barry Starling of BusiFix – The Jones Wright household now have fully functioning PCs and laptop! – Thank you Barry x

Heather Jones

My computer installation is unconventional as the computer itself has to be a long way from the phone socket and has been home-constructed from individual components.

The computer began to freeze more and more frequently and ordinary checks made no improvement until BusiFix had serviced it;  the resulting excellent performance lasted a week before deteriorating to its previous condition.  BusiFix came to the house to check the whole layout but even additional components had no effect so were disconnected.  BusiFix then took away and dismantled the entire computer, discovering that one of its components had become unable to cope with various upgrades I had made over the years.  He exchanged that component from his stock at no charge and there has been unprecedented performance ever since.

Each time the computer was taken to his workshop it was returned the same day with improved and ultimately increased performance.

What is more, despite making three visits to my house, BusiFix’s charges were far more modest than I would have expected.

His service has been outstanding on all counts and my consumer satisfaction rates 100%.

Keith Woolley

I have complete faith in you my laptop is brilliant now and I will be recommending you to family and friendsxxx

Amanda Templeman

Just wanted to say you are a STAR a LEGEND and a Gentleman
Thank you

Portia Green - Meerkat Marketing

Yet another great job done by Barry restored laptop as required and also worked magic by retrieving data from an old external hard drive, if you need a fix the use BisiFix!

Vince Ion

Thank you very much for sorting my girlfriends laptop. You’re a top bloke. :0)

Paul Ledger

Blimey you’re fast Barry. Thank you for sorting out my laptop so quickly 🙂

Sally Williams

Thrilled my PC has packed in
Thrilled PC World are next to useless
Thrilled I know Barry Starling
: ]

Portia Green

back online many thanks to Barry Starling at BusiFix Computers for all ur help one hell of a great guy thanks hun x

Sharon Walker

Fantastic service!!,many thanks for reviving my ps3 Barry.

Jamie Robinson

took my acer all in one in to here and i must say they are the best thanks so much runs like a dream helpfull and great people

Paul Edwards

Excellent service – my laptop works better now than it did when new!

David Hirst

Very good service here he mended my lappy & cheaper than town

Sonia Gravell

Thank you for your help today, I can not praise Barry enough! Highly recommended!!

Kerry Bristow

Thank you so much for setting up my webpage Curt’s Removals it’s just what we needed . Thanks again…

Dean Curt

Thanks BusiFix. Our laptop went in with a broken screen and poor speed. Came out as new and running brilliantly now. Cheers Barry.

Adrian Curt

Great team, very competitive prices and reliable and quick for computer repairs

Pat McConnell

A massive thank you to Barry Starling Busifix Computers, Newark for fixing my dead laptop and so quickly!!!
Would recommend anyone with PC issues to go there!

Deborah Bailey