Slow Computer

If your computer is running slowly, has lots of popups or you have been infected with a virus then I can service your computer for you.

Like your car or boiler your computer does need servicing. A service will make your computer more reliable, run cooler and most importantly start-up and run much faster.

You do not lose any of your installed applications like Microsoft Word and iTunes and your documents, photos and other important files are safe.

After a service your computer will be:

  • Faster to start up and to use
  • Free of virus’s
  • Free of ad-ware, spy-ware and mal-ware
  • Faster on the internet
  • Reduce the number of random freezes or Windows “Not Responding”
  • Reduce the occurrences of the famous “Blue Screen of Death”
  • Run cooler

When Windows Fails!

A service includes the following steps:

  1. Test the hard drive(s), checking for bad sectors, broken master boot records. If the hard drive fails the tests then there is no point continuing the service. A broken hard drive will cause freezing, random crashes and “Blue Screen of Death”. Space allocation is then checked to make sure that Windows has enough space available to run properly.
  2. Test the computers memory. This test can take up to 24 hours. A full memory test is only required if the computers hard drive is OK but the computer still crashes. A basic memory test which is sufficient in most situations takes a lot less time.
  3. Removal of all temporary files. Temporary files are created by most applications on a computer. By removing these unwanted files up to 5gb of disk space can be recovered.
  4. All unwanted processes that the computer is running are then stopped. Some of these processes will stop virus and malware finding programs from working properly.
  5. Several different virus and malware finders are then run. Some have to be run in “Safe Mode” so that all malicious elements can be removed. Both the hard drive and the registry are checked including hidden files.
  6. Rootkits are then targeted. Rootkits are a clever way to hide software on a computer and is very common with Virus writers. In a lot of cases when the rootkit is found the hard drive has to be removed from the computer and put on another computer to have it removed. Rootkits cause computers to slow down, both in use and when loading internet pages.
  7. All process that run when the computer starts up are then checked. Unwanted items are removed so that the computer can start up faster.
  8. Unwanted applications are then removed, these include the crapware which is installed on a computer when it is new and anti-virus programs that are out of subscription.
  9. Windows is then configured to run as best it can on the hardware available. This includes allocating the correct space for the swap file and reducing the effects that make Windows look pretty but slow it down.
  10. The laptop or computer is then taken to pieces to have the internals cleaned including fans and heat-sink from dust build up. Dust prevents the air flowing through the computer preventing heat from being removed from the computer.

    Dust build up inside case

  11. The heat sink is removed from the processor, cleaned and fresh thermal compound paste applied. This paste dries over time and then does not conduct the heat away from the processor and therefore causes over heating. Renewing this paste could reduce the running  temperature of your computer by more than 20%
  12. The CMOS battery is changed where possible. This is the battery that keeps the date and time as well as what hardware is plugged into the computer motherboard.
  13. The computer is then bench tested to test reliability.


Corona Update
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