These tips are the results of problems with computers that are brought to me. I have written these tips down so that you can protect your own computer.

Don’t remove the power from your computer.

Never pull the power cable out of your desktop computer or the power cable and battery out of your laptop whilst the computer is on. If your computer freezes simply hold the power button in for 10 seconds. This will give the computer time to prepare itself for losing power. Time for the hard drive to be made safe.

Pulling power whilst the hard drive is being accessed could cause the head (the part that reads the data) to crash into or scratch the platter (where the data is stored). This results in damaging the disk, corrupting files, loss of data which may also cause system crashes.

Don’t pull power when performing a Windows update.

When you shut your computer down often updates are applied to your operating system. This is normal and can take from one to twenty minutes. If you force the computer to shut down then an update may not complete. The first you know of this is when your computer does not start up next time you need it. If your desktop computer is applying updates then just leave it. With your laptop in default settings you can just close the lid, Windows will continue to update when you next switch it on.

Don’t put your laptop on a duvet, cushion or carpet.

Most laptops expel heat either underneath or through the side. If those vent holes are blocked then the heat has nowhere to escape. This build up of heat will eventually cook either the processor, the graphics processor or the motherboard. In the event of the processor cooking you may be lucky enough to replace it. In the case of the graphic processor or the motherboard then you will be looking for a new laptop.

Don’t pick up a laptop by the screen alone.

Picking the laptop up by the screen puts too much pressure on the glass causing it to crack.

Put your laptop out of the way of feet when not using it.

This is the main reason I end up replacing laptop screens. Close the laptop to watch telly and put it on the floor or down at the side of your bed when you go to sleep.

If you have kids this is even more important as when you get up in the night to see them or they come and see you one foot will find the laptop and the screens are made of glass.



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