This fix also works for an L300.

If you switch on a Toshiba L350 and get the message “Enter Password” with a blue background and white writing then a BIOS password has been set. You may not have done this especially if the laptop has not been used for a long time.

Switch the computer off and remove the main battery and power connector.

Open the memory compartment. On an L350 you can see the two solder points that you need to short. I have circled them.

On an L300 you have to take the memory out and lift the black plastic cover.

The two solder points are labelled B500 and I used a small flat bladed screw driver held at an angle to short the contacts. Once shorted insert the power adaptor and press the power button, make sure you keep the two points shorted. You should not see the screen asking for a password. If you do then you did not have a proper contact. Switch the laptop off and try again.

Replace the compartment cover and away you go.



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