My computer was overheating and generally on go slow. Didn’t matter what I did or how much space I cleared up it still kept dying on me.
My computer is my livelihood, I took it to Busifix on a Saturday, in the hope of finding a solution, but hoping  against hope, that it would not take long as every minute I am offline I lose money.
Barry Starling, even though in the midst of a huge amount of repairs, kindly dropped everything to help sort out my computer. He started by giving it a proper clean, something it had never ever had, removing a huge amount of dust and dirt from the fans. After putting it back together he did a thorough service and my machine has never handled better, it is faster, more reliable, doesn’t overheat and is like a new pin.

What really go t me was the price, I figured that for all the work he had done, and because he had dropped everything just to help me out I would be paying through the nose, but he only charged me £30. I was over the moon to say the least.

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