Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access are brilliant for storing information about companies and people as well as providing processes for your business. But eventually you will have lots of these spreadsheets and databases being accessed by lots of your staff and the whole thing gets confusing and difficult to handle. Especially as two people cannot update the same document at the same time.

I can design and create a computer system using the information stored in your spreadsheets. You can then add information such as notes, photos, documents as well as time-stamp transactions, allocate to staff members and protect the data with login usernames and passwords. My systems allow your staff to use the computer system in the office or from remote locations with internet access.

Grow your business with a bespoke computer system designed for your business. Software written specifically for your business will:

  • Reduce staff costs
  • Ensure administrative procedures are followed correctly
  • Generate more appointments
  • Automate common processes
  • Target prospect more accurately
  • Store customer and supplier information
  • Attach files including documents and photos
  • Enable staff  to work remotely
  • Produce management reports
  • Send SMS text messages and emails from templates
  • Make your business more attractive when selling

My systems run on laptops, desktops, servers and tablets which run Microsoft Windows operating systems. I can work with existing Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL and mySQL databases.

More importantly, my systems are affordable with options of staged or monthly payments! The system can grow as your business grows and you can add more functionality as and when you need it.

I have listed some case studies here and listed what some of my customers have said below.


Barry has always delivered a quality service; he always comes up with the solution to the problem, is quick and very affordable.
I am your worst nightmare when it come to IT and Barry makes my life a lot easier!

Rachel Mulligan – Director Your Ace Personnel Ltd, Mansfield

We needed a very complex but also simple to use CRM designing and building. We knew exactly what I wanted it to be able to achieve and Barry made it happen. He had some amazing ideas that have really made our life so much easier in the office. Any changes and adaptation we want Barry is very quick to perform. I would highly recommend his services to any company who are looking to have a clean smooth IT operation.
His costs are very affordable compared to some!

Jason Anker MBE – Director Proud2bSafe, Newark

Pneu-Therm started working on their internal part tracking software with Barry back in 2006, over the last 10 years this software has been developed into an integral part of our daily running. Barry has been excellent throughout, making the development of the program easy to understand and offering advice and suggestions when needed. Barry is a fantastic software engineer and a great personality to work with. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Barry to anyone, and genuinely believe he can help any business with his software.

Howard Langley – Director PneuTherm Ltd, Newark

Catertherm were formed in early 2016 to sell commercial catering equipment into the hospitality sector, we needed a simple but effective CRM system to track customer interaction, quotations and orders. Barry developed this together with us and the outcome was excellent. The software helps us increase our quote to order conversion rate through alerts and detailed reports that can be produced. This software will be continually developed with Barry over the next few years and will contribute to the growth of Catertherm. I would recommend Barry to anyone that wants to help their company grow, his software really does help and his approach always helps get the best out of the software.

Tom Cobb – Director Catertherm Ltd, Newark

As a company we produce many reports for our customers detailing the state of their IT systems, as such we were spending a large amount of time manually gathering data from each of our customer’s systems.

We discussed these issues with Barry who created a universal piece for software that we installed at each customer that now assists us in collecting the data that builds our reports.

The time saved by this piece of software has paid for itself and increased our profits.

Laurence Childs – Director Jalapeno Business Support, Newark

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